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Close-up view of a woman getting a back massage

Experience Pure Bliss With Ilford’s Premier Massage Services

Are you suffering from everyday stresses that leave you feeling tense and in pain? It's time to experience the healing touch at Angel Hand Spa, Ilford’s go-to place for relaxing massage services. As our name suggests, our excellent team is blessed with angelic hands that transport you to a pure state of peace and calm. But that's just the beginning of your journey to relaxation as we offer a range of massage therapies, each designed to address your unique needs. Massage therapy isn't just a luxury; it's an essential path to well-being. We are dedicated to helping you find that path. Come and experience the serenity yourself by booking a massage with us.

Recharge Your Body & Soul


Close-up view of a man getting a foot massage

Hand Massage

Our soothing hand massage is a rejuvenating experience that relieves tension, enhances circulation, and restores flexibility in your hands and wrists. Feel the stress melt away as we pamper your hardworking hands.

Foot Massage

Treat your feet to a luxurious foot massage that renews your vitality from the very roots of your being. This therapy relieves fatigue, improves circulation, and leaves you walking on air with every step.

Indian Head Massage

Escape into relaxation with our Indian head massage, a holistic therapy that releases built-up tension. Experience deep calm as it eases headaches, promotes hair health, and restores your inner balance.

Swedish Massage

Unwind and revitalise with a Swedish massage. This timeless therapy uses long, flowing strokes to reduce stress, alleviate muscle tension, and leave you in a state of complete relaxation.

Thai Massage

Embark on a journey of flexibility and balance with Thai massage. It combines yoga-like stretches and acupressure to enhance mobility, ease muscle stiffness, and promote inner harmony.

Body Massage

Our body massage is an indulgence designed for your entire body, melting away stress and tension. It enhances circulation, reduces muscle soreness, and leaves you feeling completely rejuvenated from head to toe.

Sports Massage

For athletes and active individuals, our sports massage is the key to peak performance. It prevents injury, enhances muscle recovery, and optimises your physical well-being, helping you reach new heights in your athletic endeavours.

Close-up view of a man receiving a back massage
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Pamper Yourself With Our Massage Services – Call 07403 791707 to book an appointment

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